Sunday, June 28, 2015

Love Pangs

"There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either in or out. There's no such thing as a life in-between". - Pat Riley

Sameera thought of her past while looking at the rear-view mirror of her red Fiesta. Today the clock ticked quarter past seven when she stepped back home. She asked Mariam, her maid to close the curtains that kissed the last rays of sunset. She hates sunset. It reminds her of a dark night ahead. If only she could change the bitter feelings that altered her life. Her parents encourage her to take things as a lesson. Friends visit often. But a 32 year old Sameera wants to ask her husband why things are not the same like they used to be? She had been reading many books regarding relationships and how to cope with stress. All in vain. 
By the time she hits the red light juncture on her usual highway to work, she remembers what she needed to study. "Gosh! Not again! I forgot to study that book I bought for Aditya. Why doesn't he call me?". Aditya left for Las Vegas 3 months ago. Since his departure, he has been very irregular to contact his wife. All he could do is sing a song for her. Doesn't that sound strange? He would tell her to forget the workload and just sing a song. She sang enthusiastically for 2 months but the last 4 weeks had been worse. No contacts between them. Especially after reading news about terrorist attacks in USA, she had been worried. Her family had been keeping a check on him as well. Sameera holds a Law degree from Harvard. She met Aditya while studying in the same University. They used to bump on each other every few occasions at University Campus. Since then, they chose themselves as good buddies and apparently married each other 12 months ago. Aditya is a fashion designer by profession and Sameera looks after her entrepreneurial capability across 3 different cities in India, (i.e Bangalore, Mumbai and Lucknow). Her family was opposed to the idea of not marrying a boy of their choice. The usual same caste story. Now they don't support their on and off kind of relationship. She has been struggling hard to tell them the importance of having a career in Las Vegas. Somehow, she couldn't bring herself to the idea of working in the same city like her husband. After all, isn't women free to choose their work location? While long-distance marriage definitely feels difficult, some of Sameera's friends are of the opinion that she should keep faith and patience. Let time decide the route of her relationship. Thinking of her sweet past memories, amidst a busy day and a cup of coffee, Sameera managed to smile when she stole a look at her 'couple' picture on her desk. The silence between them grows into a yearning of meeting again with love, understanding and care. She reflected how Aditya took a rose, knelt and proposed her on their wedding day. 

"Sameera, will you let me hold your hand and take care of you for the rest of my life?", she nodded while a tear fell through her cheeks. "I will hold your hand and love you for the rest of my life, I promise". They agreed and hugged each other.
Sameera was deep in her thoughts when her assistant entered the cabin. She became conscious. Before she could talk to her, the phone started ringing. It was him calling her. She was shocked to see him calling and felt apologetic. In a fraction of seconds, she realized how fragile her insecurities were and how strong a committed relationship can be.

Monday, June 1, 2015

4 Tips to become a Successful Parent through Life Skills!

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is to recognize what your child really needs. We follow traditions and various other sources to collect this information as to how a child should be bred. Unfortunately, even after being a good parent, sometimes we cannot guarantee that their performances in schools or other public institutes will be a success. That’s an assumption if we say “yes, he or she will always win whenever, wherever she is competing.”
So let me ask,
Does your child communicate what he or she wants in an effective manner?
Do you expect him to make better decisions in Life?
If yes, then you have just chosen the best gift for your child. How?
According to many big health organisations, Life skills provide 3 dimensional learning experiences to children from a very young age. The best time to learn all these skills for a life time effect is when they are young. That way they can utilize these skills in all spheres of life.
Life skills teach how to make proper decision, constructing thoughts and implementing them into actions. It teaches how to manage oneself and a team. Tomorrow your child might need to lead a meeting or presentation in his class. He wouldn’t be afraid to do so as he will have the necessary skills to manage people, meetings and oneself. Moreover, it will have a positive effect on his family and social circles. Sometimes children take a longer time than usual to learn why money is important and how to manage it. What effect money has in our lives and how we can be self- employed if we know the secrets to lead our own lives.
Interestingly, there had been young entrepreneurs in some parts of the World who started their own business and make good profits. However, a business needs careful research in its marketing plan and that has to be implemented in order to run it without losses. Life skills teach A-Z about investments and self-employment which an individual can apply anytime in his life. This gives him a positive boost and makes him known to the World.
So the best gift to your child would be Life Skills which are not academic at all.
The most essential 4 tips to be a great Parent would be to 1) choose Life skills, 2) Initiate a change in your child’s world by applying these skills, 3) Show them how beneficial these skills are in life, 4) Be the guidance they need through life skills.
What all Life skills teach in particular?
Briefly, it comprises of many skills such as Leadership, Teamwork, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Decision Making skills, Negotiation, Personal Branding, Smart Consumer Literacy to name a few. There had been no schools or institutes teaching these skills, however if you want to change your children’s future for the best and make them a winner. Visit @ and Enroll Free for Life Skills Olympiad.
Article is originally written by me @ Skillizen global learning solutions.

Friday, May 15, 2015

I never get enough of Jewelry!

Is it just my eyes that are hooked to sparkling things or its a glamorous affair that a Jewellery always has with women?

It goes without saying that Jewellery has a personal charm to brighten up anyone's life. I felt incredibly happy while making Jewellery at an event held by Twishq - a fast fashion jewellery brand, a week ago. Previously I used to think that it can only be made by a designer, but looking at the simple creativity that one needs, with little effort, I saw it's completely possible to experience the wonder of my own creation. A little girl, not aged beyond 8 or 10 also made nice neck pieces! 

The theme for that day was 'Mother's Day' and as usually, we could see a lot of happy mothers coming in and enjoying the idea of making their own Jewellery. The beautifully adorned Kundan and multi-coloured pearls, rubies, rajwada style wedding collection were all our companions who gleefully took their places on the fish wires we provided them to rest upon. Some could hear the pearls clattering on the floor. It was a wonderful ambience.
Incredibly satisfied with my creation, I posed for a quick click with the ruby studded, ethnic necklace that I dedicated to my mother. While making it, I just thought of how Jewellery represents her as a personality. The fine Kanjeevaram silk from South India which she might wear with this necklace or she might choose a plain cotton salwar. 
Women value Jewellery, especially diamonds, the way they value themselves. Somehow at the back of their mind, they choose their heart's desire. On the contrary, it is a fact that Jewellery doesn't define women, they define Jewellery. Since ages, it has been a mark of royalty, honour and status for all. However, that one day changed my thoughts of relating to Jewellery just as a possession. I now feel that Jewellery is a woman's emotion. With love, she can really put her thoughts into a lovely material and create something abstract. A beautiful memory of her emotions which she can cherish all her life.
So what's your take on Jewellery? Would you like to try out a beautiful range of exclusive yet simple collection of hand-made Jewellery at Twishq?
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Friday, May 8, 2015

A Peek Into the 21st Century Curriculum

Education Time: 

If we take a peek into next century's curriculum what changes do you think should be there? What changes should be made in the present curriculum so that it prepares students to deal with the challenges of their life. It is 'Life Skills Education'. It is the next evolution in the field of education with its wide ranging socio-emotional impacts. 

Many schools have taken up this training as one of their main regulatory discipline.Looking at how the various educators have researched the effect of life skill education on the overall growth of a child, it is quite surprising.In one of the testimonials of the educators, they have expressed, "one of my students really looks down at himself. He feels he can't do anything i teach him. I thought it would be helpful for him to watch the section about life skills. He learned about the different types of life skills and what it means. He was able to speak on what he thought he was good at and needed more work on and in the process, he learned how to improve his self-esteem."

Public school, what used to be a place of just the A, B, C's is now a place required to pick up what is missing in the homes of our youth. Life skills training can provide the educator with a quality curriculum to support that missing link that is tragically not being provided in some of our students' homes. I have heard students say in the halls, "hey cool we have life skills class today"! This is a curriculum that not only meets the needs of the educator, but most importantly, it meets the needs of our youth. The best judge of this curriculum is the kids and plain and simple, they like it." Said John Richardson, Coordinator of New Directions Grant, Vermont Life Skills Training.Great efforts are being made to integrate these skills into traditional school curriculum. On the other hand, there are many schools in the world that are not aware of this kind of skill set which can transform a child's world and provide him a complete education; an education which is not bookish or for the sake of grades, but to prepare children for adulthood, basically to create competent citizens..

When asked about the experience of this training in a school where it is taught, a child gladly said that "because of these skills I am making better decisions, I am staying away from the nonsense and focusing on the grade sense". It has been life changing in our district."It's time to integrate these skills in every aspect of education. Our children are valuable to us and no parent would want to take the risk of rehabilitation after substance abuse or bullying as he knows the consequences. Life skills teach the necessary skills to manage oneself and others in an effective way.Get enrolled today for Life Skills Olympiad @

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Author: Ankita Majumder

Apply LifeSkills to Promote Global Citizenship!

Communal Violence has been ruling the headlines since a very long time. What appeals to the public is not the endless wars and intolerance for humanity but peace and harmony! Communal violence has consumed a lot of media interest among adults. How do you think your kids respond to this news? Do they respond and have some definite ideas about this violence?
Never mind, the answer is always vague when it comes to children. Mostly, we assume that news is for adults and not for children, especially when it is about communal violence. But have you ever thought that even children need to know about the World they live in? Much importance has been delegated to students to behave well in their homes. What about teaching them what it means to interact globally?
Not all students are fortunate to have global exposure. Most of them go to local schools and learn whatever is taught to them. They do not get the chance to participate in global forums unless invited via the internet. For example, on a social networking site, you will hardly see your children talking about universal brotherhood unless he has a foreign friend with whom he mingles the most. It is natural psychology and part of our culture to defend our own community. But looking at the growing annoyance between communities, we see a pending need to define cultural refinement through global citizenship.
If you heard him saying so, then probably he regrets not having done something in his life. Life skills provide the basic education towards a new way of thinking. For example, decision making skill. It teaches our children how to build a base for their thoughts which have a lot of power. It is a fact that thoughts can produce action and action has repercussions. To make it short and simple, decision making skills can provide a mean for success in life.
It's time that students are taught to be responsible not only for their own society but for the World at large. We see global leaders talking about global peace every now and then. Why do you think they spend hours preparing a global speech? It is to make sure that our global citizens respond more responsibly towards the earth and its beings which in turn will make it a sustainable and safe place to live in.
Life skills help a child to think differently, to put forward his opinions, to broaden his horizons and not be caged into the humdrum of daily life. Moreover, it shapes an individual's character by adding qualities like honesty, politeness, tolerance and respect towards other cultures.
To enrol your child for a life-changing skill set, log on to
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Author: Ankita Majumder

LifeSkills Rule the Winners!

Have we ever thought why we can't fix a car engine? The answer is simple. We are not mechanics. But what does a mechanic have that makes him fix the engine and not us? He has mechanical skills and proper knowledge to fix or regulate any kind of machine.
Sometimes we wish to be the topper in class or the employee of the year. Does that happen? You might think, no! At least not all of us succeed. To change this, do we have any magic formula that can let us win? An age old phrase says, "Practice makes a man perfect". But the question is 'what to practice'?
I say it's Life skill! It's time that we start working on our present by applying certain skills in life which can let us reach the destination. Just imagine how good it will feel to relish the taste of 'best student or employee' of the year title? A dream will come true. Isn't it?
All this is possible. With little hard work and most importantly, by knowing what skills you need to learn in order to become the best. What can get you ahead of the mass?! Research says, the brain is hard wired to learn and adopt these skills from the ages of 6-18, after 18 years we develop our own belief system. Does that mean we can't learn it after 18? Sure we do, sometimes through practical applications in life. But that is a long process. Let me be elaborate, in jobs, it takes years to learn these practical skills and in schools or public education sectors,
we are not taught what skills are, instead we are taught how to calculate, how to locate or know things and everything related to the subjects which are confined to their own world. For example, history teaches or tells us about past events but do we learn any skills from it? Not really. Unless somebody wants to be an archaeologist, in that case he/she needs to join the course of archaeologies.
My point is simple, life skills teaches us to be winners in life. They can be leadership skills, planning and organizing, interpersonal communication skills, self-management, entrepreneurship. Every skill is a great resource to an advanced future.
Every day in news or articles we can see billions of people feeling trapped in their stressful jobs or frustrated as they cannot fulfil their dreams. Nobody gave them education for skills, nobody told them how to utilise some of them. They are on their own. To change the situation, it's time to concentrate on the extra added flavour in life which can reward us in many ways.

Article Source:

Author: Ankita Majumder

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What do you think of Soul mates?

“I no longer believed in the idea of soul mates, or love at first sight. But I was beginning to believe that a very few times in your life, if you were lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you. Not because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined flaws were arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge together.” 

- Lisa Kleypas, Blue-Eyed Devil

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Role Model

‘Why did you throw your school bag like that?’

Aunt Anna asked John as he came back from school and threw his bag. He looked a bit frustrated.
This was a bit contrary to what he generally is, a fun loving and cheerful boy. He was in his 5th grade and the reason behind his frustration was his school friends who spoke badly about David Beckam. He had an argument with his best friend about Beckam’s last match. 

Perhaps Aunt Anna sensed his mood and started asking him ‘what happened?’

John didn’t reply and took his towel. At the same time his mother Mrs. Rose came in and said ‘oh you’re back!, how was your day?’

John said ‘fine’ and headed towards the washroom.

Meanwhile, Aunt Anna told his mom that today he seemed to be a bit frustrated. Reason was unknown. His mother frowned and said ‘well we need to give him some time, these kids nowadays, you know’. Aunt shook her head and started preparing dinner. 
His family was a mediocre one in which his mother was a school teacher and Aunt Anna stayed with them. John used to be close to his sister who was in her 2nd grade.
John’s sister rosemary showed her new drawings to Aunt Anna. She nudged her fondly and said ‘Very good’.

In myriad ways, many students nowadays get attracted to celebrities who become their role models. John was one of them. David Beckam played a crucial part in his life to build up his character although his dad never approved of it. He wanted his son to become an engineer. Since childhood, john has dreamt of playing like Beckam one day. His father always told him ‘Son you need to do good to people in some way or the other way, become an engineer like me’.  John became defensive and replied ‘No father, I want to become a footballer’. But nothing changed.

Soon after, John grew to be a handsome gentleman. He had to pursue engineering as his dad always wanted. Much to his grief he learnt life wasn’t easy, people had to work hard and pursue realistic goals. However, he continued playing football with his friends in the backyard every weekend.

One fine day while picking up letters from the post box, he found a letter addressed to him from England’s football association. It was like a dream come true for him as he applied for it long back on his sister’s persuasion. But the question here was, should he tell this to his family members or not? Rather, would they let him go to England?

He thought for a while. Unable to decide, he went up to his sister and gave her the surprise.

‘Wow, this is incredible. How could you possibly didn’t tell me?’
‘Dear I got it today while retrieving letters from that box, I don’t know since when it was lying there’.
‘Whatever, I’m going to tell dad’, she said.
‘No, you’re not. Promise me!’ John begged.
Rosemary had no other option but to keep her mouth shut. She could understand the anxiety John was going through but felt helpless.
‘How can you make your dream come true then?’
‘I don’t know, leave me alone for some time. I’ll figure out’ said John.
She snapped the door and left.

John lay on his bed and closed his eyes. He could see the crowd cheering and the lights on. Nothing meant much to him than Victory. Victory of being acclaimed,  of being a superstar. Much higher than the nitty gritty of life he was currently in. He could see all the best players smiling at him. In his mind, he saw himself as a footballer.

All of a sudden the door cracked open. It was his dad.
‘Hi buddy, what’s up with your office? You don’t talk to me nowadays’ Mr Rose said.
‘Well dad, I had to tell you something’ John said looking at his dad’s eye. ‘ I’ve got a chance to play for England’.
‘Oh come on! How could you even think they will select you? Don’t you know England is a tough team, recently it has been out of World Cup. The press call them ‘Idiots’ and you want to join them? This is ridiculous. Besides, what will happen to your job here?’
‘I’ll figure that out dad. I’ve been old enough to take the decisions of my life. I loved Beckam since I was 3, that’s too soon for a kid to adore a player isn’t it? I want to pursue my dream’ John said confidently.
‘Perhaps, I shouldn’t have given you so much freedom son. I think you don’t understand the stakes of moving to such a big city in search of stardom. You’re glued to unrealistic dreams. I have nothing more to say.’ He left the room in silence.

John sighed.

The clouds roared and it started raining. That night John couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about his dream which he wanted to turn into reality.  

He went to his mother’s room. Opened the door  without making noise, tip toed to reach up to her bed. She was fast asleep, unaware of what her son was going through. John took her hand into his and started weeping silently. Somehow he missed her. He missed talking to her, sharing his thoughts with her. A tear fell on her hand and she got up.
Immediately he left her hand and wiped off his tears. ‘John! What happened? What are you doing here?’
‘Nothing mother, I missed you’
His mother hugged him and said she could see the tears in his eyes. He smiled. She assured him that next morning they’ll chat about the problem he might be going through and bid each other good night.
The very next morning, John and his mother met at the breakfast table. They greeted each other and John told the story of his football fascination. His dad was busy gardening so he thought of sharing his thoughts to his mother in a profound and comfortable way.
His mom nodded and said, ‘It’s good that you have a role model since your childhood, everybody does but your dad wanted to become one for you, he has worked day and night to bring you all that you needed. Do you remember the time you had malaria? He stayed up nights to look after you, he loves you and is not your enemy Johnny. We want to see you happy. If you think you can pursue your dream in England then we would help you start the procedure. Why not? But remember the importance of your family while you grew’.
‘Of course I do mother, I just wanted your support and love. I can win the whole World if you’re beside me’.
They hugged each other. A big burden was released from his chest after he spoke to her. John’s mother spoke to his dad and convinced him for his departure.
His sister rosemary and Aunt Anna were happy to see John smiling after a long time. He had this grief of not pursuing his dream all through he grew up. The family became busy packing his bags after he got approval from England’s football team and got his visa stamped.
The departure date finally set in and he held a bag in his shoulder, the other bags being on the trolley at the Airport. Aunt Anna squeezed his cheeks and told him ‘Son, remember one day you threw your schoolbag in apprehension? Don’t throw it this time’ and laughed.
He laughed and said ‘Sure I wouldn’t’. Soon after his family bid him happy journey and his flight took off.

Do you think John became a renowned footballer? How important a role does family play in shaping an individual’s life? 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Exploring the beauty of Nepal : Do-gooders call it Voluntourism

“What makes you come here?”
I entertained a surprising question while trying to justify my wanderlust for Nepal. The man asking this question was a retired army officer, looking at me through his black bordered big spectacles, trying to get hold of a young girl’s motive in an estranged yet beautiful country! My companion, a Spanish expert high school drop-out long term friend Robina had been snoring till then in the bus we boarded to reach our destination.
I said as a matter of fact there is a book in which Jeff Rasley quoted "You have to get lost before you can be found" in the thrill and awe of the high mountains which awaited exploration. Sure, one can have a fascination for the location especially for mountaineering or to volunteer depending upon various possibilities.

However, he seemed a bit unconvinced. I still continued 'I’m here to witness a landlocked country in South Asia, comprising of eight of the World's highest peaks, Everest being the most prominent. Located in the heart of the Himalayas, it attracts many monks and tourists in search of peace & beauty.' He smiled and said ‘if you might have a look at Kathmandu, you’ll like it’. I nodded.

We finally reached eastern Nepal, Khartuwa Village which overlooks a range of green hills and plantations. Robina wanted to read the newspaper in hand, somehow twisted and turned with the wind’s subtle blow. I was walking all the way up to the cliff to grab a photograph when a group of cowherds caught my attention. Robina immediately set the newspaper aside and started asking them in local language ‘hello, do you know where we can find a restaurant?’ A boy clad in ripped brown dress replied ‘nothing here’ and walked off. Robina frowned and said ‘Damn! he was so rude ’. I smirked.

Apparently, Nepal has a population of only 15% having electricity in their households and is often termed as the least developed countries in the World. Bridging the thin line between poverty and tourism, Nepal desperately needs volunteers as many thousands of children live on the streets and are engaged in physical work. We were very excited about incorporating ‘mission health habits’ among Nepalese children. Over the years, ‘Voluntourism’ was an alien word until some great adventurers from “ethical volunteering” team described it to the World in which people like us join in forces to make use of our free time. Our Camp was set in Marshyandi Valley which had breath taking glacier flows. We were scheduled to start off in a few days from the village.

Robina quenched her thirst of water after we reached a no-star fine-to-be-in hotel. Over the curtains, Bal Balika Primary school could be seen, the only school which was accessible in a 500-people village. Getting there was difficult as proper transportation was not available. Most of the villagers lived on agriculture and young women fetched water. I glanced through the window and noticed a beautiful child standing across the steel fence with red cheeks and sweet smile waving her hands towards me as a gesture to come up there and join her friends.
She looked timeless and she looked perfectly happy. If only I could clean her mud ridden face ….I sighed. A hand stretched out to my shoulder while I looked back, it was Robina, smiling. The journey to Nepal ensured that the kids were taught the right mode of conduct. We were extremely satisfied and thankful to the Nepalese teachers and children for their warm co-operation and love.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

 European dreams - In the midst of lush green valleys and picturesque landscape
All too often, while sipping a cup of coffee we daydream of visiting places which invigorate our senses, the thought of distant valleys and oceans, the feeling of diving into the pool of wonder makes us ponder ' IF ', if at all we could be there at that moment. Europe is one of those places on Earth which not only satiates our wondering mind but also helps us relieve the ongoing stress of daily life.

 One Beautiful morning while climbing up the hills to reach our destination in Switzerland, we found some local cows grazing with their melodious bells ringing all the way. The clouds over those mountains provided a prefect scene of nature's bliss.

Buddha says "It is better to travel well than to arrive" and it is strongly justified in the journey of ancient places which are uphold by European Culture even today. One can see the beauty of Michael Angelo's work that classified and established the Western Art through his various sculptors and amazing paintings all over Italy, Venice and Florence. 
As we descended towards the most popular city of France, Paris, we found the glorious Eiffel Tower with its magnificent height standing right in the heart of the city. Children played on the parks with their parents and we took the lift inside the tower which provided access to most delicious food available. There were telescope provided for the travellers to get a glimpse of the brilliantly planned city. The evening became more joyous after we had the boat ride all over the water surrounding the tower.