Friday, May 8, 2015

LifeSkills Rule the Winners!

Have we ever thought why we can't fix a car engine? The answer is simple. We are not mechanics. But what does a mechanic have that makes him fix the engine and not us? He has mechanical skills and proper knowledge to fix or regulate any kind of machine.
Sometimes we wish to be the topper in class or the employee of the year. Does that happen? You might think, no! At least not all of us succeed. To change this, do we have any magic formula that can let us win? An age old phrase says, "Practice makes a man perfect". But the question is 'what to practice'?
I say it's Life skill! It's time that we start working on our present by applying certain skills in life which can let us reach the destination. Just imagine how good it will feel to relish the taste of 'best student or employee' of the year title? A dream will come true. Isn't it?
All this is possible. With little hard work and most importantly, by knowing what skills you need to learn in order to become the best. What can get you ahead of the mass?! Research says, the brain is hard wired to learn and adopt these skills from the ages of 6-18, after 18 years we develop our own belief system. Does that mean we can't learn it after 18? Sure we do, sometimes through practical applications in life. But that is a long process. Let me be elaborate, in jobs, it takes years to learn these practical skills and in schools or public education sectors,
we are not taught what skills are, instead we are taught how to calculate, how to locate or know things and everything related to the subjects which are confined to their own world. For example, history teaches or tells us about past events but do we learn any skills from it? Not really. Unless somebody wants to be an archaeologist, in that case he/she needs to join the course of archaeologies.
My point is simple, life skills teaches us to be winners in life. They can be leadership skills, planning and organizing, interpersonal communication skills, self-management, entrepreneurship. Every skill is a great resource to an advanced future.
Every day in news or articles we can see billions of people feeling trapped in their stressful jobs or frustrated as they cannot fulfil their dreams. Nobody gave them education for skills, nobody told them how to utilise some of them. They are on their own. To change the situation, it's time to concentrate on the extra added flavour in life which can reward us in many ways.

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Author: Ankita Majumder

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