Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I decided to write after a long time. But this time only for a 'Cause'. 

My heart goes out for all the victims who were brutally raped and murdered in our capital. Today the 23 year old girl appeals to our senses, our emotions only after what is done... But before it happened, nobody was concerned. Even after she was thrown out of the bus naked, nobody helped her. How cruel have you become human kind? 

Dont you have mother's, sister's and daughter's? Why not help an innocent victim and take her to the hospital? Only because of your 'name'? WHat is the importance of your existence if you cant live for others?!

Looking at the issue with minute details makes me feel ashamed of our so-called security and ministers...

May God help her and her family and may Justice be done for all those who suffered.