Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tenderness In Relationships: Get Your Ex Back

You should try to be lovingly tender, if you want to get your lover back in a relationship. The recent fight that resulted in breaking up your relationship might have caused a lot of emotion pain and hurt. Tragic circumstances could have been the cause of your relationship breaking. One of you might be going through extreme humiliation, because of the wrong created.
You will have to work extra hard, to get your lover back, as your partner may still be hurt from the rejection and pain that you both have gone through.
Take a good look at yourself and your partner if you want to get them back. You could only make things worse if you do not handle the situation tactfully. You may have involuntarily caused this problem without your knowing.  Your partner may be trying hard to cope with their sensitive feelings in the best way they can.
What you consider trivial, may be a major issue for your partner. Review your role in the situation carefully, before you try to get your partner, to reconcile with you. There is no point in getting back into a relationship, if you are not prepared to change.
Get advice on those aspects that you need to improve yourself. Accept criticism when someone points out your faults. Try asking someone you don’t know too well, “How do I improve myself so that I can get my lover back?”  Be willing to listen to what they say. Will it make a difference to you?  It will definitely help you if want to know how to get your lover back. Being sensitive may result in your taking advice seriously and learning to act correctly.
Your partner may be feeling genuinely upset with the problem. They could be deeply troubled and you should understand this and be there for them. Try not to react by getting upset. You will not be able to get your lover back if you start fighting or get emotional. This will only widen the rift.
Be gentle and try to help heal the situation. You may probably have to give them time alone to learn to cope with the problem.  Showing tenderness does not mean being there for them physically. A more powerful approach would be to let them know that you will always be there for them. Let them give vent to their feelings. Let the anger spill out of their system as they learn to face it alone. Let them know you are hearing and feeling their pain.
This is definitely not the time for you to try and put some sense into their head even though you are tempted to do this. You can overcome the fight with tenderness and by learning to be compassionate. True love generally requires that you react to a situation, in a manner that you are not normally used to. Learn how to adjust to the situation, if your relationship is really important to you. Tenderness may not be a natural feeling for you, but you will need to learn, if you want your love back again!!