Sunday, June 28, 2015

Love Pangs

"There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either in or out. There's no such thing as a life in-between". - Pat Riley

Sameera thought of her past while looking at the rear-view mirror of her red Fiesta. Today the clock ticked quarter past seven when she stepped back home. She asked Mariam, her maid to close the curtains that kissed the last rays of sunset. She hates sunset. It reminds her of a dark night ahead. If only she could change the bitter feelings that altered her life. Her parents encourage her to take things as a lesson. Friends visit often. But a 32 year old Sameera wants to ask her husband why things are not the same like they used to be? She had been reading many books regarding relationships and how to cope with stress. All in vain. 
By the time she hits the red light juncture on her usual highway to work, she remembers what she needed to study. "Gosh! Not again! I forgot to study that book I bought for Aditya. Why doesn't he call me?". Aditya left for Las Vegas 3 months ago. Since his departure, he has been very irregular to contact his wife. All he could do is sing a song for her. Doesn't that sound strange? He would tell her to forget the workload and just sing a song. She sang enthusiastically for 2 months but the last 4 weeks had been worse. No contacts between them. Especially after reading news about terrorist attacks in USA, she had been worried. Her family had been keeping a check on him as well. Sameera holds a Law degree from Harvard. She met Aditya while studying in the same University. They used to bump on each other every few occasions at University Campus. Since then, they chose themselves as good buddies and apparently married each other 12 months ago. Aditya is a fashion designer by profession and Sameera looks after her entrepreneurial capability across 3 different cities in India, (i.e Bangalore, Mumbai and Lucknow). Her family was opposed to the idea of not marrying a boy of their choice. The usual same caste story. Now they don't support their on and off kind of relationship. She has been struggling hard to tell them the importance of having a career in Las Vegas. Somehow, she couldn't bring herself to the idea of working in the same city like her husband. After all, isn't women free to choose their work location? While long-distance marriage definitely feels difficult, some of Sameera's friends are of the opinion that she should keep faith and patience. Let time decide the route of her relationship. Thinking of her sweet past memories, amidst a busy day and a cup of coffee, Sameera managed to smile when she stole a look at her 'couple' picture on her desk. The silence between them grows into a yearning of meeting again with love, understanding and care. She reflected how Aditya took a rose, knelt and proposed her on their wedding day. 

"Sameera, will you let me hold your hand and take care of you for the rest of my life?", she nodded while a tear fell through her cheeks. "I will hold your hand and love you for the rest of my life, I promise". They agreed and hugged each other.
Sameera was deep in her thoughts when her assistant entered the cabin. She became conscious. Before she could talk to her, the phone started ringing. It was him calling her. She was shocked to see him calling and felt apologetic. In a fraction of seconds, she realized how fragile her insecurities were and how strong a committed relationship can be.

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