Monday, June 1, 2015

4 Tips to become a Successful Parent through Life Skills!

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is to recognize what your child really needs. We follow traditions and various other sources to collect this information as to how a child should be bred. Unfortunately, even after being a good parent, sometimes we cannot guarantee that their performances in schools or other public institutes will be a success. That’s an assumption if we say “yes, he or she will always win whenever, wherever she is competing.”
So let me ask,
Does your child communicate what he or she wants in an effective manner?
Do you expect him to make better decisions in Life?
If yes, then you have just chosen the best gift for your child. How?
According to many big health organisations, Life skills provide 3 dimensional learning experiences to children from a very young age. The best time to learn all these skills for a life time effect is when they are young. That way they can utilize these skills in all spheres of life.
Life skills teach how to make proper decision, constructing thoughts and implementing them into actions. It teaches how to manage oneself and a team. Tomorrow your child might need to lead a meeting or presentation in his class. He wouldn’t be afraid to do so as he will have the necessary skills to manage people, meetings and oneself. Moreover, it will have a positive effect on his family and social circles. Sometimes children take a longer time than usual to learn why money is important and how to manage it. What effect money has in our lives and how we can be self- employed if we know the secrets to lead our own lives.
Interestingly, there had been young entrepreneurs in some parts of the World who started their own business and make good profits. However, a business needs careful research in its marketing plan and that has to be implemented in order to run it without losses. Life skills teach A-Z about investments and self-employment which an individual can apply anytime in his life. This gives him a positive boost and makes him known to the World.
So the best gift to your child would be Life Skills which are not academic at all.
The most essential 4 tips to be a great Parent would be to 1) choose Life skills, 2) Initiate a change in your child’s world by applying these skills, 3) Show them how beneficial these skills are in life, 4) Be the guidance they need through life skills.
What all Life skills teach in particular?
Briefly, it comprises of many skills such as Leadership, Teamwork, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Decision Making skills, Negotiation, Personal Branding, Smart Consumer Literacy to name a few. There had been no schools or institutes teaching these skills, however if you want to change your children’s future for the best and make them a winner. Visit @ and Enroll Free for Life Skills Olympiad.
Article is originally written by me @ Skillizen global learning solutions.

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