Friday, May 15, 2015

I never get enough of Jewelry!

Is it just my eyes that are hooked to sparkling things or its a glamorous affair that a Jewellery always has with women?

It goes without saying that Jewellery has a personal charm to brighten up anyone's life. I felt incredibly happy while making Jewellery at an event held by Twishq - a fast fashion jewellery brand, a week ago. Previously I used to think that it can only be made by a designer, but looking at the simple creativity that one needs, with little effort, I saw it's completely possible to experience the wonder of my own creation. A little girl, not aged beyond 8 or 10 also made nice neck pieces! 

The theme for that day was 'Mother's Day' and as usually, we could see a lot of happy mothers coming in and enjoying the idea of making their own Jewellery. The beautifully adorned Kundan and multi-coloured pearls, rubies, rajwada style wedding collection were all our companions who gleefully took their places on the fish wires we provided them to rest upon. Some could hear the pearls clattering on the floor. It was a wonderful ambience.
Incredibly satisfied with my creation, I posed for a quick click with the ruby studded, ethnic necklace that I dedicated to my mother. While making it, I just thought of how Jewellery represents her as a personality. The fine Kanjeevaram silk from South India which she might wear with this necklace or she might choose a plain cotton salwar. 
Women value Jewellery, especially diamonds, the way they value themselves. Somehow at the back of their mind, they choose their heart's desire. On the contrary, it is a fact that Jewellery doesn't define women, they define Jewellery. Since ages, it has been a mark of royalty, honour and status for all. However, that one day changed my thoughts of relating to Jewellery just as a possession. I now feel that Jewellery is a woman's emotion. With love, she can really put her thoughts into a lovely material and create something abstract. A beautiful memory of her emotions which she can cherish all her life.
So what's your take on Jewellery? Would you like to try out a beautiful range of exclusive yet simple collection of hand-made Jewellery at Twishq?
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