Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Some Broken Relationships Should not Be Fixed

If you're not happy in the current set up you're in with your partner, it's time you bow out of the relationship. Some people desperately stay because they have that small amount of hope within them that longs for change.Is it worth the time staying in that relationship, if no amount of fixing makes the pain of staying there go away?
If the relationship is broken and no amount of fixing can be done, leave.If a relationship is broken from the beginning, it will not get you both anywhere.You'll both just go in circles and end up where you started. A broken relationship is a broken relationship. It's not a patient who needs medical attention so don't go playing doctor. The best thing to do is get out of it and stop wasting your energy and time staying in a relationship that's not taking you anywhere.
Everyone has issues.If you keep spending most of your time fixing those issues than actually making good memories, there's no use fixing them.
Some broken relationships doesn't need fixing.  If it's draining you of energy and patience and respect and love for that person, it shouldn't be fixed anymore.
Verbal abuse, physical abuse – those are not good foundations of a relationship.  Don't try to fix your relationship by making your partner happy even if it means it has to be at your expense.  Some people have a difficult time getting out of a relationship because of their ego.  Don't worry, she'll get over it and so will you.  Remember, you're as important as your partner in the relationship.
Being short handed all the time to please your partner is unhealthy. Stop wasting your time being with someone not worthy of you.Stop making him/her the center of your life while s/he treats you merely as a spec in her world.  If the feeling is not mutual, if the efforts are not being matched, it's time to say good riddance and pack your bags.
  • It's unhealthy. Stressing out from a broken relationship is difficult for both parties. It ruins the both of you inside and out.
  • Your friends can only take so much.  You can only take so much, how much more your friends?  A broken relationship is exhausting for everyone.
  • Fixing a broken relationship is no fun especially if you've both recognized that it's unrepairable.
  • Maybe your issues are personal and they need to be fixed outside of the relationship.
  • It could hurt you both more than heal you.  When you're angry and stressed out all the time, you may say things you don't mean and this could only hurt both of you more.
  • The longer you stay, the more you invest in the relationship.  Especially, if you're the one fixing it.
  • Keep fixing that broken relationship?  Stop and listen to what your friends are telling you.  They're probably as tired as you are.
  • There are better fish in the sea.  They probably have issues too but maybe they don't need fixing that will lead you to despair and exhaustion.
  • If you want to fix that broken relationship, maybe it's time you get out of it first. Perhaps the both of you need that time and space apart to grow.
Not every relationship is made in heaven.  Not every partner is an angel.  Painful as it may seem, there are people who will come into our lives and their purpose is to cause us so much pain.  When a person is causing you so much hurting, it is best to head to a different path without the other – even if that person has made you happy at some point.