Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello there

Well to start with-
Relationships are complex and the most enriching experiences of our lives,we create them,sometimes they're created naturally like frndship and we continue them sometimes knowingly and unknowingly too.I had been reading the relationships column over many yrs and I find people facing many problems in their relationships,how do u think The Society is related to it?Yes ofcourse the society provides us certain ideas which make us behave and expect in certain ways,are we supposed to always follow others and what they do?? Or we should just learn from them and make our lives simple by following our own rules?A relationship is not necessarily about lovers or friends,or by birth,relatives etc.What I do believe - a relationship can also be with someone whom You dont know at all,a complete stranger still after mingling with that person you find things common in between yourselves and you make friends,or with a person who passes you a lighter while u're too busy finding yours to smoke in the road,sometimes you get complete strangers helping you more than your friends or loved ones do!! Is'nt a relationship just magical,great n peculiar? Yes Im talking about those relationships which do not have a name, a certain identification.Please review this column and write your comments and ideas.



  1. I agree with you n i myself believe that there is smthn hidden behind talking to a stranger or even an eye-contact(more than once) with a gal standn near 2 u or opp. side of the street....just at the right time we need to catch the signal n who knows u can b into a relationship vth the stranger...n tht too an everlasting one...
    gud work to start with ankita...keep on writing!!


  2. You starte off rightly, relationships are complex.
    There are different types of relationships, but to keep all of them going, the underlying factor is "unconditional love"